Hongguan Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd was established in 1997 at Suzhou-Singapore Industrial Park (SIP). We specialize in Precision Engineering, Precision Machining, OEM Machine Assembly and OEM Build-to-Print Services.

Hongguan Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd is strategically located in Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, China. We are only 2 hours' drive away from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and less than 200km from the largest seaport in China, Shanghai Seaport. We are a 100% owned subsidiary of a Singapore based Company which was established in 1986.
Our company serves Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Multi-National Corporations worldwide. Some of the industries that we serve are, Automobile Industry, Automotive Industry, Medical Equipment Industry, Defense Industry,  Semi-conductor Industry, High Technology Display Industry and Aerospace Industry.

We provide Precision Machining services from simple turning parts to highly complex parts with sophisticated milling operations. In our contract manufacturing area of business, we provide OEM assembly and OEM modules manufacturing.  Our vertically integrated business model allows us to provide a one-stop manufacturing solution to all our customers.

The management team comprises of individuals with extensive experience in the fields of precision engineering and OEM Assembly. 

Our experienced management team, together with our competent team of engineers will strive to deliver value to all our customers, every step of the way.


Hongguan’s serves its world-wide customer base with world-class service. All Hongguan employees, from skilled employees to executive managers, share our mission: develop, manufacture and deliver only the very best products, services and results.

Hongguan fosters, encourages, and rewards employee attention to detail and quality on a daily basis.

Everyone at Hongguan lives and works by the following six core values to guarantee you receive the quality you expect.

* Customers: we communicate, learn, and respond
* Workforce: our most valuable asset
* Performance: quality work, consistently delivered
* Team spirit: the power of the whole organization
* Integrity: our foundation to do business
* Development: preparing for tomorrow today

Customers: We communicate, learn and respond

All our interactions with our customers flow from our primary aim: to establish a long term partnership built on communication, trust, appreciation, and respect.

Our company seeks first and foremost to deliver you state of the art, cost effective solutions for your most pressing business needs.

We are dedicated to open, forthright, and honest communications in all our interactions. Our customers’ needs are often highly technical. We pledge to meet those technical needs with precise, open, and accurate communication.

As your trusted, long term partner, we commit to deliver maximum value for money. But we don’t stop there. Your business demands and our business ethics insist upon, the highest quality workmanship and commitments to agreed schedules for all our services and supplies.

Our company complies and abides by all legal requirements imposed on us and our customers, regardless of the cost, complexity, or consequences. All our employees receive rigorous compliance training so you may rest easy in this area.

We know that our success derives from your success. We value and treat your business as much as our own. In this way, we strive to ensure a long, mutually beneficial relationship.

At Hongguan

* We succeed through experience and expertise
* Openness, forthrightness, and honesty in all our doings
* Premier customer care every day

Workforce: Our most valuable asset

Our business is built on the foundation of our employees’ skills. Their business acumen, dedication, and commitment define who we are and create the fine products and services we provide you.

We encourage open and honest communication between employees at all levels in Hongguan. This openness, combined with a challenging and opportunity-rich work environment, assures our employees they can grow, advance, and accomplish great things here.

Hongguan’s employees know the company rewards initiative, ambition, and contribution. The company devotes resources and promotes ongoing education for all employees. All employees understand the company will provide every opportunity for their participation, advancement, and success.

An air of civility, respect, and politeness pervades the Hongguan work environment. A zero tolerance of discrimination of any kind creates a work environment where great work can be achieved in a pleasant and encouraging environment for all employees.

This approach instills personal responsibility in all employees. They not only know, but feel, the contribution they can make to the company’s future, its reputation, and perception by our customers and community.

We take ultimate advantage of our diverse workforce. In this way, we draw out the very best from each unique individual. Such an approach ensures that we can more easily engage with customers from all parts of the world.

At Hongguan

* All employees’ contributions are valued
* Personal development is encouraged
* We treat others as we would have them treat us
* We foster the feeling of personal ‘ownership’ of business decisions.

Performance: Quality work, consistently delivered

We embody best practices in all areas of our business. From research to production to delivery to after-sale service, you can rely on the strictest adherence to proven, effective, and predictable methodologies.

This attention to excellence assures you that all your dealings with Hongguan will be consistent and of the highest caliber.

We set the highest goals and give our employees the tools and help they need to achieve them. A culture of continuous measurement and modification leads to ever-better processes, products, and services.

At Hongguan

there are no sacred cows. We constantly identify and eliminate inefficiencies wherever and whenever we encounter them.

Quality goals in the areas of equipment, modules, and components make certain that we deliver only the highest level of products and services. We have initiated a zero defect policy in key areas of our company, with the goal to broadcast this policy ultimately across the entire company.

At Hongguan

* Quality is key to our business and central to all our actions
* Best practices are adhered to and constantly monitored for improvement
* Aggressive performance targets, measured and constantly improved
* We proudly communicate our employees’ and partners’ achievements

Team spirit: The Power of the Whole Organization

Our workforce is multi-national, with a broad array of highly skilled and knowledgeable workers spread throughout the company.

Our success comes from the application of these diverse skills, applied when and where needed. We encourage and reward supportive and collaborative efforts in the achievement of our customers’ needs. Every employee knows his or her success is a direct result of sharing and supporting his or her counterparts throughout the company’s facilities.

Drawing upon the unique talent pools spread throughout our network, we are able to best respond to and meet the needs of our diverse customer community.

Company leadership clearly outlines the company objectives, and employees pull together from all parts of the company to meet those objectives and thus, our customers’ needs.

At Hongguan

* All employees recognize success comes only from teamwork
* Cultural diversity is great benefit and highly valued
* Respect for cultural differences is encouraged
* Positive support for all cultures and work environments
* Clear and concise transmission of corporate objectives to all parts of the company

Integrity: Our Foundation to Do Business

All our business decisions and customer interactions proceed from integrity, honesty, and unimpeachable moral standards.

We will never waiver from our policy of strict adherence to these principles

Our business practices adhere to the laws and ethics of our host customers’ countries. In all cases, we live by the highest standards of ethical conduct.

We support and encourage all our employees to fully discuss, understand, and clarify all issues concerning business integrity issues.

At Hongguan

* Personal integrity pervades all levels of our company
* We conduct our business in a way to adhere to the laws of all our customers
* We know our customer partnerships thrive by always working to the highest standards

Development: Preparing for Tomorrow Today

Success tomorrow dictates that we take decisive action today. We will be recognized as industry pioneers and leaders only as long we take leadership action that produces innovative, pioneering products.

We take great pride in the entrepreneurial and innovative approach of our employees. It’s their dedication and skills that make us a leader in the field of precision engineering.

We actively partner and share with the industry and academic communities. Working together, our efforts benefit not only ourselves, but our customers and the various industries they belong to.

At Hongguan

* Innovation, research, and investment assure continued market leadership
* Partnership and sharing with scientific community and academia for mutual benefit
* We constantly question ‘what is’ and look for ‘what might be’
* We proudly communicate our employees’ and partners’ achievements